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To ignite sparks of passion for personal & professional growth thru 'training that transforms' and 'coaching that clarifies'

Sterling-Xavier Consulting Group


  •  Professional Training & Development: "Keys to Personal Success" (TRUE COLORS)  / Teambuilding  /   Workplace Wellness & Self-Care / Resiliency / Multiple Intelligences & Culture
  • Coaching Services: Executive Level (C-Suite) / Leadership Level (Directors & Managers) / Group / Individual / Couples 
  • Certification Services: Certification of Life Coaches (ACP)  /  Certification of Restorative Wellness Facilitators (RWFA)
  • Events & Retreats: Wellness & Self-Care / Board Development / Leadership Retreats  

Our services

...are person-centered and informed by the latest research in education, human-processing, wellness and wellbeing, neuroscience, cultural relevance, philosophy, and psychology.

We take an interdisciplinary and experiential approach that honors individual lived-experiences and human agency.