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COVENANT KEEPING 101 - is relationship coaching for couples. Relationships are God's idea and you will need His involvement in your marriage (friendship, engagement, family) to realize His peace, purpose and fulfillment.  Don't become overwhelmed with frustration when you hit a snag... let me show you how His Word can turn ANY covenant relationship around!  One-hour Session
  Price $135.00 

LIFE Coaching Package

The LIFE COACHING PACKAGE is a set of three sessions to maximize your progress and success in addressing a specific issue or concern you have in life right now.


Research shows that when individuals make a commitment to address a challenge by INVESTING a minimum of three to six sessions of their time and energy, their results far outweigh the results of those who try to solve a life problem in just one hour.  Three hours can unlock the door to enhanced understanding of underlying causes of life issues.  Whenever you are ready... you are worth the investment in your own BEST life. 

  Price $375.00 

ONE MODULE - VESSELS for MY OIL Entrepreneurial Training

PLEASE select from ONE of the three Modules:

Module #1:  WHAT'S IN YOUR HOUSE? - You will be challenged to inventory what God has enabled you to know, learn, experience and develop mastery in.  You will identify your "OIL." 

Module #2:  READY, SET, POUR! - Conceptualizing is great but at some point, you actually have to "pour" your ideas, abilities and knowledge into services and products for the marketplace.  Let's explore what your "vessels" will be.

Module #3:   MARKETING & BRANDING BASICS - You become a successful entrepreneur when people BUY what you SELL; you satisfy their needs; and you make a PROFIT! Until this happens, you have a hobby, not a business. You'll learn how to identify your market; brand your business and actually MAKE the sale!

  Price $135.00 


A ROYAL 'VISION BOARD' RETREAT is not your ordinary experience! How does this differ from the very popular Vision Board parties? This experience is ROYAL which means that you will begin by identifying a GOD-GIVEN idea, dream or vision for your life and not just gather a bunch of images of "things" you desire to hoard! 

This is KINGDOM work and you are encouraged to use the GIFT of your imagination to envision a life of passion and purpose.  As your Coach, I will provide a spiritual, Word-based framework for how the Lord used 'visuals' and 'words' to encourage and empower His people!  Supplies, Coaching, & Light Refreshments are all included.

FEE:  $48/person 

  Price $48.00 

SINGLE Coaching Session

The SINGLE COACHING SESSION is a great, one-hour, focused, customized, coaching opportunity to address a specific area of concern that you have.  We spend time exploring underlying causes of challenges or blockages you are experiencing and then we work together to figure out the BEST remedy for changing your life. 

Every person is unique so the solution for YOU may not be the solution for a colleague, partner or friend!  This is it - a wonderful, dedicated and focused session that is centered on what YOU need to live your best life and reach the goals in your heart!  Schedule TODAY!

  Price $175.00 

VESSELS for MY OIL Entrepreneurial Coaching

This 3-Module coaching package is for entrepreneurs who want to build their business into one that uses principles of the Bible.  You will learn how to identify your gifts, skills and abilities; how to package what you know; how to present yourself in the marketplace and how to ensure that you are profitable!  

  Price $375.00